Kettlebells Master Classes

Kettlebells master classes

About the class

Don’t just use kettlebells… Master them.

2019 sees a change to the classic staple that has been on CYT Fitness Class list from the beginning Kettlebell Master Class changes everything you thought you knew about training with Kettlebells.

Learn and master more exercise and combo chains to create a workout that is unparalleled to anything else In this Master Class we will run through different exercises, learning how to perfect each one until we can put them into a more intensive training regime Some weeks we may focus primarily on lift techniques, high intensity work outs, combos, strength training or a combination off all of them This class is not for beginners, you will need to be competent in preforming basic lifts with a kettlebell before taking part in this class.


Class lists can be found on our facebook page

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Non-member prices

    • 45 min
    • £4
    • 60 min
    • £5

Kettlebells master class booking

Please note, due to covid-19 CYT Fitness Gym has a temporary class list which can be found on our facebook page. You can also contact Paul on 07584 495212 or [email protected]