Flexibility And Mobility Classes

Flexibility & mobility classes

About the class

At CYT Fitness GYM we have seen a large percentage of people who have tight muscles and bad posture from day to day life which effects how we go about our day to day activities and training.

To combat this, we have put together our Flexibility and Mobility class.

This class is set up to get those muscle groups active again and to increase overall flexibility to reduce aches and pains, to reduce the risk of injury and get your body back to how it should be feeling.

We will also teach you exercise and techniques that you can use either daily or as part of a training programme.


Class lists can be found on our facebook page

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Flexibility & mobility class booking

Please note, due to covid-19 CYT Fitness Gym has a temporary class list which can be found on our facebook page. You can also contact Paul on 07584 495212 or [email protected]