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About our classes

CYT Fitness GYM excels at classes that will push you to the max while having a great laugh.

We believe that classes should be small and personal, so you don’t become another number and get lost at the back of the class.

We also tailor every class to suit your fitness levels and abilities while not affecting anyone else who is taking part in the class.

Class time tables are changed seasonally and based upon each trainer and what they would like to bring into the gym, meaning that we only do classes that we are passionate about and we know this will give you the very best class experience.

Non-member prices

    • 45 min
    • £4
    • 60 min
    • £5

Our classes

spin bike

Beginner Spin

New to Spin then Beginners spin is the best place to start, with pace a little lower and more rest time put in this is a more relaxed class, but don’t let this fool you as its still ticks all the boxes of a regular spin class.



Are you ready for the craziness that is this hard-core, heart racing, muscle pumping, fat burning?

Cardio HIIT

Cardio HIIT

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the best ways to get fit quick – not just looking fit, but feeling fit, as well. It’s a great workout for burning fat, boosting endurance, toning up allover and building explosive speed and strength.



Looking at building your Core Strength and Stability?

One of our morning classes, this class is a little less intensive to end the week with, with this class we focus on building a rock-solid core that will help with your workouts, reduce injury and define your six pack.

Fitter life

Fitter life seniors

Fitter Life Seniors is a class for a fitter life in your more mature years, using exercises that will help fight off aches and pains and help with day-to-day living, Using resistance bands, core, cardio and balance exercises to give you a workout that should make you feel energised and ready for the week ahead.

Fitter life

Fitter life seniors elite

An Elite Seniors class that is designed for the fitter individual – Please contact Paul on 07584 495212 to check the suitability of this class if you are not sure.


Flexibility and mobility

CYT Fitness GYM Flexibility and Mobility Class. At CYT Fitness GYM we have seen a large percentage of people who have tight muscles and bad posture from day to day life which effects how we go about our day to day activities and training.



Looking for an exercise session that is complete body conditioning, kettle bells are the answer, build lean muscle, burn fat and calories, increase strength and flexibility, increase core strength, increase power and endurance while building cardiovascular fitness.

Kettlebell master class

Kettleball master class

The is an exclusive invite only advanced kettlebells session,



Get fit whilst floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee!

Spin sweat

Spin sweat

The hottest spin class in town!

Ultimate spin

Ultimate spin

Ultimate Spin is the next level in spin classes, this class is the ultimate challenge, push yourself to the limits, this is a 60 minute class that will push anyone, but because its spin, a huge range in fitness levels can take part.

Morning Classes

At CYT Fitness GYM we have our first session of the day at 6am

Because we have regular members attend these classes we have set the sessions up to give you a well-balanced weekly workout.

    • Class schedule

    • Monday
    • Bootcamp
    • Tuesday
    • HIIT
    • Wednesday
    • Kettlebells
    • Thursday
    • Pad work
    • Friday
    • Core

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