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Gym core beliefs

CYT Fitness GYM holds the same ethos that Change Your Thinking Fitness was founded on.

With this ethos we have included in your membership at no extra cost:

  • Gym Induction
  • Programme
  • Programme Reviews
  • Classes
  • Nutritional Advice

You don’t pay membership to rent gym equipment, you pay membership for a gym experience, so you can have the best possible chance to smash your fitness goals!

All you have to do is the work to achieve them, however we will be with you every step of the way with any help or support you need.

Opening times

    • Monday
    • 6AM to 9:30PM
    • Tuesday
    • 6AM to 9:30PM
    • Wednesday
    • 6AM to 9:30PM
    • Thursday
    • 6AM to 9:30PM
    • Friday
    • 6AM to 7PM
    • Saturday
    • 8AM to 2PM
    • Sunday
    • 8AM to 2PM

Our equipment

At CYT Fitness GYM we want to provide you with some of the greatest equipment on the market.

We didn’t mess around buying equipment for the gym, we wanted quality, functionality and every piece of equipment was brought for a specific reason to help you train effectively and at your best.

Deadlift Platform

Our Deadlift Platform has become one piece of equipment that we have become famous for.

There is nothing worse than having to find a space in the gym to do deadlifts, drag all the 20kg plates across the floor and get in everyone’s way while your session is being ruined.

Boosting a large stand-alone platform and its own collection of bumper plates you can deadlift in your space in your own time feeling unrushed and relaxed to get this most out of this awesome exercise.

Gym in Dursley


The Dual Adjustable Pully is a compact version of the cable cross over, with a large weight stack on each side, a lower pully ratio and a comprehensive collection of attachments you can work every muscle group on your body.

Gym in Dursley

Power Rack inc Bench

The Power Rack at CYT Fitness GYM is another example of us sourcing the greatest piece of equipment that we could find.

From squats to bench this rack is a firm favourite in the gym, solid and robust it comes with two grappler tubes and a multi selection of chin/pull up bars.

Gym in Dursley

Leverage Squat

The Leverage Squat is our answer to a safe and function squat from day one that teaches good form that can transfer over to bar squats.

Squats are one of the greatest compound lifts, but can take time to master, depending on your abilities we can use the Leverage Squat to get you squatting from your first session to get a good training session while you master the bar squat.

If you already have good form with squats the Leverage Squat will still have a place in your leg workout, the leverage system can allow you to squat heavier and safer than the bar squat and you can safely go deeper to really work your Hamstrings and Glutes.

Calf raises are also an exercise that can be performed on the Leverage Squat machine.

Gym in Dursley

Sissy Squat

Locking you lower body into position you can squat with near perfect form while hitting core strength and stability.

We love including the Sissy Squats in to programmes as it is one of the easiest ways to squat and target muscles in different ways depending on range of movement used.

Combine this with other exercises or as part of a super set you will see why this Quad burner was one for the first pieces of equipment that we chose in our starting line-up.

Gym in Dursley

Leg Curl/Leg Ext

If you have ever been to a gym before you would be familiar with the Leg Curl and Leg Extension.

Our version is a space saving combi machine that has both exercises in one.

Sat upright to do the Extensions and laid down for Curls.

With no back rest you can’t push back into the seat, so the weight is more focused on your Quads.

Laying down to perform the Hamstring Curls gives a better and fuller workout on the Hamstrings.

Gym in Dursley


The Glute Hamstring Developer is a piece of equipment that you will need to master to use effectively.

We have a few tricks to regress this exercise so a larger range of fitness levels can use it.

Also great for back extensions and sit ups for a great core workout.

Gym in Dursley

Adjustable Bench

The adjustable bench brings in a safer way to train your chest with a bar.

This bench will slide backwards and forwards in its own rack so you can set the height of your incline while adjusting the bench, so it is in line with your chest.

This gives you a safer way of un-racking and racking the bar without over reaching.

Gym in Dursley

Decline Bench

Our Decline Bench is great for hitting the lower part of your pecs and brilliant for decline crunches.

This bench will make you feel safe, secure and comfortable with its oversized width.

Gym in Dursley

Incline Chest Fly

One of the hardest chest machines you will ever use.

This machine will target your chest like nothing else, locking your body in perfect form there is no cheat reps with this one.

We will have to show you a few training tips for you to get the most out of this awesome machine.

Gym in Dursley

Lat Pulldown

Our Lat Pull Down machine sets a new standard for Lat Pull Downs.

Having two stack means you can train your left and right side independently and adjustable arms gives you countless options to hit you back in many different ways.

On top of this we can set it up to be a standard Lat Pull Down for when you want to push more weight or if your form is not 100% while working independently.

Gym in Dursley

T-Bar Row

One machine that is becoming more popular in gyms, the T-Bar has been done using handles on bars and grappler plates, having a machine version makes it more stable for pushing those heavier lifts.

Two different handles: close and wide hit your Lats one way and focus on your Rear Delts and Traps another.

Gym in Dursley

Seated Row

To complement the T-Bar and Lat Pull Down the Seated Row fits perfectly for back work.

Independent left and right sides and like the T-Bar Row two handles for Lats and Rear Delts makes this machine a staple of any resistance workout.

Gym in Dursley


Our standing Preacher Curl really does hit the spot when training your Biceps.

Duel sides with different inclines to target your Biceps in different ways.

The firm favourite is our Fat EZ Bar (nick named the Black Mamba) and Preacher Curl combination that will give you an amazing Bicep Pump.


Turbo Trainer

The Turbo Trainer is a version of an air bike that is more cardio driven than some of the other Air Bikes on the market.

Primarily used as a warm up machine the Turbo Trainers have a smooth comfortable feel but at the same time with some user effort will give you a great cardio workout.

A favourite for short burst intervals.

Gym in Dursley


Our treadmills are no nonsense machines, with a slightly more powerful motor than most on the market sees a top speed at 12.5mph and an incline of level 15 means that anyone of any fitness level can get the most out of these machines.

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Cross Trainer

Most Cross Trainers are looked at as the easy piece of cardio equipment at a gym, but not ours, these cross trainers will get you working out at your max while being able to workout with low impact on your joints.

With 20 levels and pre-programme workouts available the Cross Trainer will be a piece of equipment that you will keep using time and time again.

Gym in Dursley

Assault Air Bike

Another piece of equipment that we have become famous for is our usage of the Assault Air Bike, this is in our opinion one of the greatest cardio machines ever made.

Brutal and with a crazy resistance curve this hasn’t been named the Vomit Maker for nothing.

At CYT Fitness GYM we love the Assault Air Bike and pretty much everyone will get to use this at some point of their programme and is regularly used in classes.

Gym in Dursley


There is only one Rower and that is a Rower from Concept.

The Rower can sometimes be under rated in gyms but when used properly it can be a great machine to get an awesome workout on.

Distance rows, intervals and even games will give you crazy amount of training options.

Gym in Dursley

Joing CYT Gym

Our joining process

Joining CYT Fitness GYM couldn’t be easier.

Contact us on 07584 495212, [email protected], fill in the below induction request box or just pop in.

All Members are required to fill in medical forms and any issues can be discussed then, a doctor or specialist letter maybe required.

We will get you booked in for your induction and get you started on your fitness journey.

Join our gym

Register your interest with us and we will contact you to arrange a free consultation at your convenience.

So, we get you with the right instructor please can you inform us of any medical conditions or any other issues the trainer may need to know.

Please feel free to list them below and we discuss them with you in person on your induction.

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If you would like to use our gym just come in and pay at reception, or if you would like to know more please feel free to contact us. For non-member class prices please see our fitness class pages.