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About Paul Woodland

Sometimes the battle to reach your fitness goals is lost because of the battle in your mind.
Change Your Thinking Fitness is founded on the belief that you can reach your fitness goals with just a simple tweak in the way that you look at your training, nutrition and understanding your body’s ability to do more than what you think it can do.
At Change Your Thinking Fitness we want to smash down those mental barriers that stop you performing at your best.

Paul’s qualifications

    • Premier Global Kettlebell Instructor
    • Premier Global Master Kettlebell Instructor
    • Lifetime Training Level 2 Fitness Instructor
    • Lifetime Training Level 3 Personal Training
    • Lifetime Training Health Screening and Fitness Testing
    • Lifetime Training Boot Camps and Circuit Training
    • Lifetime Training Advance Core Stability
    • Lifetime Training Group Studio Cycling
    • Lifetime Training Functional Resistance Training
    • Lifetime Training Nutritional Advisor
    • Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Football
    • FA Emergency Aid
    • FA Learning, Safeguarding Children Workshop

Paul’s fitness journey

My fitness journey started ten years ago.

Finding out that I was 21 stone 7 pounds, staring type 2 diabetes in the face and other issues related to being overweight.

It was time to change, time to get rid of the old life style and start a new one, this was not easy, it was a massive struggle in knowing what to do, a lack of knowledge was my problem, so I fell into the trap of eat less and excessive amounts of cardio.

This was fine in the nice months but once the cold wet weather hit, the weight went back on!

At this point I joined a gym and was hooked.

All the possibilities of different exercises, equipment and methods, I became a sponge soaking up all the knowledge I could from trainers, other gym users, tv programs, magazines and books, as my understanding developed I found a passion in wanting to help people who were also struggling, It was this passion that drove me to get qualified as a fitness professional so I could use all that I have experienced and learnt to help others reach their own fitness and lifestyle goals.

Now I’ve worked professionally in the fitness industry for coming up to a decade, I love many aspects of fitness from weight training, circuits, using functional equipment and a range of cardio vascular exercises. What motivates me as a personal trainer is to create unique exercises and very specific training programmes that push my clients beyond their expectations. My key focus during these sessions is to be able to set the level of intensity to meet the needs and ability of each individual. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been training a client who thought they’d reached their limit. With the right motivation, I have been able to help ‘change their thinking’ to break down the mental barriers that previously has stopped them from reaching their personal potential.

And this is how Change Your Thinking Fitness was born, years after I started my journey CYT Fitness now has its own private gym, spin cycle studio and exercise studio, we run a host of classes and one to one and group personal training session.

But more than that CYT Fitness has become a massive family of people who support and help each other and most importantly have a wicked sense of humour and have a great laugh while working out to their max.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, if you think we can help and if you want to be part of something bigger and different from the norm, please getting in touch and arrange a free consultation or book in to take part in one of our many classes.

Paul Woodland